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    VirusScan Enterprise (Linux) Web Console Error Code:34




      I have installed McAfeeVSEForLinux- on RHEL 5.11. Before today, everything is fine. I can access the web console https://<ip address>:55443 and log in successfully with the nails account. However, when I change the nails' password (by typing ./nails passwd in /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin) and then restart /etc/init.d/nails, I cannot log on to web console afterwards. It displays the error code 34 with description "authentication failure".


      I have tried to re-install the McAfeeVSEForLinux, MFEcma and MFErt but to no avail. The error still exists. In fact, I have even checked the packages in the server, the pam and libgcc packages looks fine and seem not to be the main cause of it. I don't know which part goes wrong, especially the web console had been alright before.


      Could anyone suggest the solutions to me? Super Thanks.