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    Inherited EPO - what should I update first?

      Server version = Patch 2

      Agent on devices is

      Antivirus is 8.5i without any patches

      We own Anti-spyware - it's 8.5 but only present on half the machines (needs to be deployed to the rest of them)

      So what order is best for updating everything to the latest? I was going to go ahead and deploy Anti Spyware so that it's everywhere, then the EPO agent, AV 8.5i Patch 6, then the server itself to 4.0 Patch 2. Is this a good idea? Is there a better order?

      At some point I guess the Rogue sensor system needs to be looked over and revamped. Thinking I'd save that for last. (It's a mess)

      Thanks for any input!