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    Transfer drive encryption to a new ePO without losing user assignment




      We are trying to transfer a number of systems using Drive Encryption 7.1.3 from an ePO 4.6 server to 5.3 whilst keeping user assignments intact. I have been following the "The client transfer between ePO servers guide - McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1.3" pdf and the transfer completes successfully but the user assignment is being lost. The only error that I can see in the MfeEpe.log relates to a theme package not being found but I also see the assigned user being removed, but the group users being updated:

      2016-09-19 11:33:46,212 INFO    StatusService                        Creating Event to sync updated user data

      2016-09-19 11:38:37,902 INFO    EpoPlugin                            userHandler: handling UserUpdatesAndAcknowledgement response

      2016-09-19 11:38:38,032 INFO    StatusService                        Updating Drive Encryption users

      2016-09-19 11:38:39,212 INFO    UserLib                              userLib: user example (UID) has had UBP updated

      2016-09-19 11:38:39,232 INFO    UserLib                              userLib: user test1 (UID) has been removed

      2016-09-19 11:38:39,442 INFO    StatusService                        Drive Encryption users were updated


      Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?