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    Sensor to server communication

      Are they referring to the rogue sensor on the sensor to server communication port, or is this port for a different sensor?

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          I just found my answer in the product guide, and the answer is yes they are. So here's what I'm working on now. The sensor to server port is wide open between my ePO server and my rogue sensor, but still no rogues are reported. I've sent the rogue sensor out and applied my rogue sensor policy, but still nothing. Has anyone come up with a solution to get rogue sensors to report rogue systems from another subnet? I'll report my findings if I come up with a solution first.
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            I've been getting a lot of the below message in my rogue sensor's logs. Anyone know what might cause that?

            07-21-08 16:06:30,322 [3004] WARN RSDSensor.ServerCom <> - SocketException: Failed to resolve remote hostname x.x.x.x

            11004: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.
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              Its finally working! The ePO server name and IP just needed added to the hosts file of the windows box. Once it was able to resolve a name to the IP that's in the rogue sensor policy, I just had to stop and start the rogue system sensor service, and it just started sending rogue detections out happy