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      Hi my name is Ciara Edwards and for some reason I cannot access my Netflix on my ASUS laptop and I was wondering if it was this subscription that was preventing it.


      This message keeps appearing whenever I try to watch anything :



      Whoops, something went wrong ...


      Streaming Error

      You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy."


      I have checked my internet browsers and everything is turned off that should be. One website told me that it could be something I downloaded onto my laptop that is causing this. Is it?

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          Googling the message, it seems to be related to to Netflix access from outside the US using a VPN or DNS proxy. It's not something I'm too familiar with so I'm still Googling for background info. What country are you in, for starters?

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            I'm in Canada. I've tried googling already and can't really find anything that relates back to my laptop which is why I came to this.

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              Netflix is probably stopping you accessing content which it deems is specific to the US market.


              It's nothing to do with any McAfee programs you've got installed.


              Here's the background situation

              What to do when Netflix blocks your Unblocker or Proxy - Whats On Netflix


              and here's the official Netflix line.

              Netflix says “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.”


              There are some websites I found which advertise more-or-less expensive ways to get around this but on principle I don't recommend anything like that unless

              a) I know it's the only option

              b) It's value for money

              c) It's legal  and

              d) (preferably) I've tried it for myself.


              None of those apply here, so I can't recommend any of the paid-for get-arounds.


              We do have a Canadian moderator (Ex_Brit) who might be able to help you - if he's ever had this problem with Netflix, that is. He'll be back online in the morning, Toronto time.

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                That's me.  Yes, as Hayton has ably pointed out, that's purely a Netflix warning and nothing to do with us.   Recently they clamped down on people using VPN or Proxy servers to get US material in Canada, they regard it as stealing, which really is baloney as everything counts towards what you pay for the service.

                There are ways of getting around it but you'll have to do some research.

                I gave up on Netflix as even with access to their US network, the choice, for me at least, was poor, and it was simply yet another service on top of what my ISP provides, that I couldn't afford.

                So I'm afraid I can't help you there.

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                  I had such error too. You need a VPN service to omit it. I suggest to look here https://www.bestvpnrating.com/vpnrating/best-vpns-netflix  . For instance, I use Betternet, there are many good reviews. It's completely free and helps to get access to any blocked website.

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                    Yes, but with paid services one can lose money when Netflix detects it and blocks you once more.

                    The answer to Netflix would be, make all the material available network-wide.

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