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    Can McAfee download and install Windows Updates through Microsoft Edge?


      When I first Upgraded to Windows 10, McAfee had me make my Internet Explorer my default, because there were issues with Microsoft Edge and my McAfee product at that time, being February of this year.  My default is now Microsoft Edge and I want to make sure McAfee is now working with Edge.  Last month I did not get Windows Updates installed for some reason.  Yesterday, Microsoft downloaded and installed Updates, which took over 2 hours.  Apparently, the month before, being July I received updates but for Windows 7, not Windows 10.  Those all had to be removed.  Everything is up to date.  Somehow my default got changed from Internet Explorer to Edge in July.  Possibly why there was an issue with getting updates through McAfee, if McAfee does not work yet with Edge.  So my question is, does McAfee now work with Microsoft Edge and can I receive my Windows updates from McAfee through Microsoft Edge or do I need to again make my Internet Explorer my default, and if so how do I change my default browser on Windows 10?