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    McAfee DLP Prevent


      In Total Protection for DLP data sheet it is said that "The McAfee DLP Prevent appliance allows you to take a variety of remediation actions, including encrypting, redirecting, quarantining, and blocking...". By redirecting what exactly does it refer to? What does DLP Prevent redirect?

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          DLP Prevent SMTP doesn't actually take any action but rather marks an X header on the email that it delivers back to the MTA. The MTA is responsible for taking an action based on the X header. If you set an action rule to Redirect, you will need to configure the MTA to take what ever action you desire based on that header including redirecting it to a different email. However, the MTA can take any action on the email regardless of how the Prevent marked the email; e.g. If the email was marked redirect, the MTA can be configured to bounce or quarantine it.

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