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    Win10 | McAfee Agent & Virus Scan Enterprise


      Hey Guys,

      After using Win10 for several months now, I finally detected that the so called "Virus Scan Enterprise" Virus Scanner isnt installed properly and most of our clients arent protected against viruses at all the whole time....


      ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.6  is used to "push" Agents to the Clients.

      If I do that agent pushing on Win10 Clients only the McAfee Agent TRAY is visable.


      I managed to get the full Virus Scan Enterprise on my own Win10 PC (I dont really know how), but on other PCs I am not able to  install the virus scan enterprise...


      Here is a Screenshot of a Win10 PC which gets only the Agent pushed...

      Any1 who can tell me how I at least can manually install the virus scan enterprise?



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          Your screenshots show that you are running with ePO agent 4.5.0.x. Check the link below for a list of supported McAfee products. The minimum supported agent is as show below. the 3rd column is for the anniversary update version of windows 10.  You also need to make sure that you are running the latest version of McAfee VirusScan 8.8i.



          McAfee KnowledgeBase - Windows 10 compatibility with McAfee products

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            Hey twenden,

            thanks ok I see. How can I push a Agents with 4.8.x or newer to my Win10 PCs via my epo Managemnt Server?

            And how can I install the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 I cant find any Installer for it and I cant push it with my epo Management Server...
            I just checked the working Computer and there I have the following Infos:




            PS: I still dont know how I managed to make McAfee VirusScan Enterprise run on that Win10 PC ....

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              Your working computer has the minimum version of agent for Windows 10 which is You should be able to upgrade the 4.5 agent to 4.8 via an client update task in ePO.

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                Hey twenden,

                I managed to check-in the 4.8 Agents.... now I am stucking to check-in the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 .... It only shows me the 8.7 one and I cant find anything where I can set the VSE Version...


                I am sorry for asking this noobish questions. I am new with using ePO and our other Admin who managed this left us  over night so we had no chance to get used to the things each other does........



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                  You can't deploy VSE 8.8i via the update task which is what your screen shows. VSE packages are deployed thru deployment tasks. First thing to do is to make sure the the package and extensions are added for VSE 8.8i. You need to go to the repository and see if it is listed if not then add the package and then extensions. There is documentations that explain this process which you can download via your grant number.


                  Below is what we have in our repository. Once in the repository then you can set a deployment task. Don't have a lot of time to explain the whole process. You should be able to search the McAfee KB base.




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                    Hey hey,

                    I already checked my repos and our VSE is listed there.




                    but I cant find anything about that deployment.

                    I know where I can "deploy" the Agent (i can choose now between 4.5.0 and 4.8.0) but no clue where to find a deployment task for VSE.

                    I already tried to find this via google (because I see that my questions starting to annoy friendly guys like you) but like I said ... no clue...




                    EDIT: I think I got it.

                    German Language calls it "Client-Task". There i got a list with VSE8.7 / VSE 8.8 etc.

                    Trying to rollout the VSE on a testclient now and give you feedback.


                    Is there a way to auto-deploy this on new added systems within my epo Server?

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                      - Ensure you have the 8.8.0 VirusScan extensions checked in


                      - Product update tasks won't show VirusScan in the available updates if there is no "patch" package checked in to the master repository


                      - In order to deploy VSE to new machines, you need to first ensure you have a compatible Agent on the machine. You can create a product deployment task and assign it to a specific group, with a schedule of "run immediately," so that when the machine shows up as managed in ePO, the agent will see this "run immediately" task, and run it.


                      - Check out page 210+ of the ePO product guide for how to use client tasks


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                        Hey guys,

                        I am happy to let you know that I am finally able to deploy the Agent AND "Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8x"  via Client Task remotly.


                        Thank you very much!!!!!!!

                        Have a very nice weekend.