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    Spipe Problems

      Hello - i have some spipe Trouble on a Protection Pilot Client & i am just getting confused..

      Keine Übereinstimmung der SPIPE-Signatur. Paket erhalten von (PCNAME)

      I know that means that Protection Pilot Client gets no authentification to make the handshake with the Protection Pilot Server. But now its getting strange..
      The Client still was in the System - but with wrong configuration. The Protection Pilot add it
      to the Wrong IP in our Domain. It was getting answerd by that Agent..
      But thats past - i fixed it. After reinstalling manually (the Protection Pilot Server doesnt reinstall the Client!) I add it to an existing Group - without installing Sofware!

      Why? I tryed it a few times - it does not work!

      So i have the Client pushed with the Working Tasks.. (many ways - over 3 hours..) Now it has the Right IP, DNS, Config, the Agent is Running, The Programm is UP TO DATE.. (i have checked on the PC!)
      But the Protection Pilot Server does not accept 100% it doesnt Show the Producversion, the DAT Version & no Module.. and the Producname is colored Red.

      I tryed to push it so many times - but there is only the log about the Spipe Signature & i am realy worry about it - i dont know what i can do next..
      Could any body help me please?

      The Client is Windows XP Professional
      Virus definition 5337 July 11, 2008
      Patch Versions 15
      Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.0

      I think i need to refresh the Siganture or make a Compare but HOW?