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    ePO 4 install Fail

      I'm trying to install ePO 4.0 on win 2k3 sp2 with sql2k5.

      Install goes through until the end and gets the following error:

      FAILURE: In LaunchAppAndWait while trying to run the following program:

      Doesn't it usually give the program that failed there?

      I've seen this problem a few times before when installing other ePO servers, so I did the following checks.

      -8.3 naming convention registry key setting was set to 0 - McAfee KB 613859
      -The database user has correct sysadmin rights to the database.
      -I am a Admin on the server
      -TCP port 1433 is configured in my SQL config manager.

      In the NAIlogs I find the following line at the end.

      FAILURE: Installer was NOT launched correctly so block install

      I launched the install by double clicking the Setup.exe file.

      I can't figure out what the issue is. Like I said above, I've ran into this issue basically every time I've tried to install 4.0 somewhere in our environment. Usually the 8.3 registry setting is the thing that fixes it.

      Any help guys?
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          Is your database user using a non-alphanummeric password ?
          Is the TCP/IP protocol activated on SQL2005 ?
          Did you disable access protection in VSE 8.5 if it is locally installed ?
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            Yes, the database user is using non-alphanumeric chars.

            I saw that somewhere but I haven't had the chance to test that one out yet.

            TCP/IP in sql2k5 is enabled
            VSE8 is not installed on the box yet.

            Do you have more details about the non-alphanumeric char password. Like a KB or something. Its going to take me a bit to get an account created that doesn't meet our password reqs.
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              Alright, so it was easier then I thought to get approval for that password.

              Still Fails.
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                Can you post a download link for all installations logs in a zip package ?

                Another thought:
                -Is TCP/IP the FIRST protocol listed (order is changeable) ?
                - Did you choose a complex password for the ePO admin using when running setup (if so change to alphanummerical) ?
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                  I'll try to get the logs off if I can later on.

                  I got a successful install when I left the default install path to the C drive. I've been trying to install it to the D drive but every time I do I get the rollback. I can't have the app reside on the C drive so I have to figure out why it would install on C instead of D. And yes, the installer is still admin of the box.

                  In response to your previous questions:
                  Yes TCP/IP is listed first.
                  And yes, I provided a simple password for both the installer and for the admin account created during the install.

                  I'm not planning on leaving it on the C drive. I'm going to uninstall it soon and keep trying to install on D.