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    Classification file extension is not supported


      Good Day,


      I have installed DLP 10.0.0 on EPO 5.1.3. I have also installed the DLP extension. We had a prior extension of 9.3.4 but I don't think the policy conversion went well.


      With all the previous versions removed from the master repository, I still receive this error when trying to apply a new policy which includes file extension scanning for .pdf documents within one of our classifications.


      "Classification file extension is not supported on DLP version lower than 10.0.0"


      I have tried deleting and recreating all previous rules, deleting some of the default policies and reinstalling both the extension and DLP 10.0.0, but none of that has helped.


      Do I need to go back to a fresh install of EPO 5.1.3 in order to install DLP 10.0.0 with fresh policies?


      Thanks for any advice.