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    Activation of LiveSafe


      I have several McAfee LiveSafe key cards for 2015 version. All of them are not activated and I planned to start activation in January 2017 when my current AV/IS expires.


      Is it possible to activate the licence at a later time even though the version is a bit older, e.g. can a 2015 LiveSafe version activate 2017 and beyond version?


      Can I activate all of them under one email and accumulate few years of protection or I have to wait untile the licence expires and then activate a new one?


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          Peter M

          You should uninstall your current McAfee software before using those.

          Outline here: TS101331

          You'll need one code/license immediately to activate that machine.

          You can hold on to the others and use them at a later date as long as there is no expiry date written on them.

          Even if such a code is old you will always receive the latest version of whatever software is in question, because the installer always downloads the latest version from the web.

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