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    ePO Active Directory Sync with multi-level OUs Problem


      Hello, and thanks for your help in advance.


      I have setup Active Directory sync with ePO to include both systems and container structure.  In AD I have an OU for computers with several sub-OUs, and one with a third level OU below that.


      I have set ePO AD sync to not move or duplicate existing systems.


      If I manually move an agent in ePO to most other containers other than the corresponding container in AD, the agent will stay there after I perform an AD sync.  However, if I move an agent in to the third level OU, ePO deletes the agent everytime I sync AD and then adds it back in to it's equivalent AD container the next time I sync again.


      Does ePO support third-level OU syncing or can it only handle first and second?


      Here is a screenshot of my structure and settings.




      Thanks for your help!