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    Additional security layer for MOVE agentless systems


      Hi Folks,


      I have been using MOVE Agentless for my Virtual environment both for VDI's(Dedicated and pooled) and virtual infra servers.

      And based on my experience with Agentless is not the best solution for Virtual Infrastructure so far- i know my statement can create a big argument with McAfee and its solution, but its not me who just saying this, its often informed me by McAfee security engineers.


      My most of the systems getting infected(mostly VDI systems) with trojans and ransomwares- and Agentless is just not capable of dealing with infections like ransomwares.

      ***I have followed best practices guide for my all deployment but no use as lot of features are unable in the agentless as we have in VSE- e.g- outlook scan,access protection.


      So now my question is- do we have any other product which can be used along with Agentless to protect our virtual infrastructure.


      Also, i am scared that Nov and Dec is coming when lot of infections and attacks happen.



      Any reply or suggestion would be highly appreciated




      Pankaj BM