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    Windows 10 + uninstalling mcafee


      Hi. I have a Dell computer i got back in november of 2015... Ive never had the mcafee trial expire because I was constantly reinstalling ( I make software in C# and was experimenting with registry and making installers ).


      However recently, I've ran out of the trial and im not doing experimental things so i've reinstalled multiple times as I prefer to use Avast but every time I uninstall mcafee which comes preinstalled it breaks my firewall.


      Id just put another firewall app (or enable the windows defender one) however It doesnt matter if I have a firewall of any kind because when mcafee is no longer installed it breaks the firewall settings and i can no longer

      use half of my apps as windows will then refuse to run any apps it deems unsafe(which is plenty even listed as safe in its own default firewall).


      Ive tried uninstalling mcafee before and after installing avast or anything else that may use a firewall however it doesnt seem to matter as firewall refuses to work with no mcafee.



      What id like to know is if anyone else has encountered this and figured out how to fix it as i've ran out of options.


      Something else to note: I know for a fact its mcafee breaking some kind of windows settings making windows refuse to use a firewall after mcafee is uninstalled as my sisters laptop doesnt come preinstalled with it, and

      when she had to reinstall her machine she let me run a test on it provided i do a clean reinstall when i was done. This test consisted of reinstalling a fresh win 10 and then installing mcafee after and immediately uninstalling it.


      Her computer would then have the same issue just after removing mcafee.. Im not going to pay for a mcafee subscription as 1) Im broke, 2) I dont care for mcafee it has never had good results compared to some other totallyfree antivirus software, and 3) most of the time i dont even need an antivirus as ive gotten used to knowing what is generally safe and what isnt from my younger days getting tons of virus/malware/spyware etc...


      Id just leave the software on there with an ended subscription if it werent for the fact that mcafee CONSTANTLY spams the crap out of me through my email and popping stuff up on my screen when im coding or playing games.
      Especially playing games is the worst because im in full screen doing something where say im surrounded by a hoard of enemies bout to kill me and my friends... and then hey mcafee decides to harass me and then the next click

      that happens automatically minimizes my game, and it takes me almost a full minute to get the screen back up and by that time im already dead and my friends are on their way that road too.


      As far as im concerned with the problems i encounter through mcafee, it might as well be a virus itself and i just want it gone. Any help would be greatly appreciates so this horrid thing will stop hijacking my computer! I payed 1000 dollars

      for it this is bullcrap.

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          Always uninstall one A/V before installing another.

          Do that via Control Panel > Programs and Features, reboot if asked to.

          Then to make sure all is gone run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

          After the reboot Windows Firewall is active or should be.  Check its status via Control Panel.

          Then you will have to set permissions for your apps all over again in most cases in it or whatever firewall you now use.

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            P.S. Moved to Consumer > General as a better spot for this.

            You also asked about expired software....it is useless and should be uninstalled immediately.


            Technical Support is free by phone or online chat via:  Technical Support/Customer Service

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              Thanks for your reply, but thats the problem im having... Ive tried a scenario where i uninstall mcafee(without any other av software installed). I tried to reenable the windows 10 firewall afterward, but when i try to install another AV afterward... or use even some of the apps i already HAVE installed... it gives me the error that says its untrusted software and if i tell it to load anyway(such as trying to install avast) it just keeps reshowing me the error window instead of ever loading... This because windows is ignoring its own firewall after mcafee has been removed.


              My sister has avast on her pc usually... and no other av software, but just uninstalling that and reenabling windows built in firewall from there doesnt ever produce the same results my machine does from removing mcafee thats why i posted in here for help because mcafee seems to be breaking something in the OS causing it to not acknowledge theres even firewall anymore..

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                Did you use MCPR as well as normal Program and Features removal? If so call support as Peter suggests

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                  Each of your apps would have to be set up in the new firewall, whichever one you are using.

                  I'm not too experienced with Windows Firewall but am pretty sure it asks for permission at any new application seeking access to the web.

                  McAfee would have previously done most of that automatically in its firewall but once uninstalled, you'd have to start all over again with permissions in the new firewall as I believe uninstalling sets everything back to default.

                  Technical Support would verify that however.

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                    Well it was that firewall usage was getting broken... I was ranting to my friends and one of them told me he got his to stop breaking by turning off mcafees firewall, then deleting files from the mcafee installation folder and any registry related to mcafee then restarting before trying to uninstall with steps mentioned above. Im going to try that and ill leave a message if that works out.

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                      MCPR removes all of the software registry entries, except the long obsolete Anti-Theft app.  for that you need Tech Support.

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                        Yeah ive used the tool before... including this time which did work, but as far as my buddy told me (which actually worked doing the extra steps before uninstall + mcpr) u had to turn off the firewall and break mcafee so it couldnt control the firewall. I dont know to how accurate that is but it did in fact work.