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    Anyone here updated to v4?




      Anyone here successfully updated to v4 of MOVE? How painful it is, and is it worth to update from the latest Multi-Platform 3.6.x? Is the integration with vSphere and SVM Manager deployment mandatory?



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          Hi nov1ce,

          some customers updated to this version and reported it was easy going. I have not tested move myself but will do the next time, because i want to test the DXL integration.

          vShere: do you mean the connector or move agentless??


          SVM Manager: Do you know the product? If you want to configure a dynamic assignment from Offload Scanners to your endpoints the SVA Manager makes sense. You can assign multiple Offload Scanners dynamic to your endpoints.



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            Hi Troja,


            Thanks for your reply.


            Regarding vSphere: I mean the connector. We're not using agentless, but rather Multi-Platform with several Offload servers serving VMs in respective subnets. We didn't have any vSphere integration with 3.6, so I believe we can continue with v4 using the same pattern?


            I've read about SVM Manager a bit, but since we're relatively small (~300 nodes with 6 offload servers) a dynamic assignment wouldn't be required at this stage.



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              No, currently, you can't install the extensions without the vsphere extension first.