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    True Key on OSX and iOS not working.


      Anyone else having this issue?

      - If I try logging in on iOS, it times out.

      - If I try logging in on OSX via facial recognition, it never gets to the part of the process involving the camera, and shows an error that I cannot copy and paste my master password

      - If I try logging in on OSX via master password, I get the error message "Something Went Wrong"


      I used tech support chat, which first resulted in them saying I was outside their region, and sent me to someone else, who logged in to my computer, reinstalled True Key, and no luck. Same results when I reinstalled on iOS.


      I've had plenty of issues with True Key, but never on all my devices simultaneously. This happened last night and arbitrarily resolved itself after an hour or so, but it's been ongoing all today again, and now I'm getting panicky since it's preventing me from doing my job. They've escalated my issue to phone support, and tomorrow night they'll give me a call. I've already installed LastPass, because I'm not sure what else to do other than beginning to migrate to an alternative.

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