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    EPO agent and LinuxShield

      Is there a simple method for installing and confirming that the EPO agent is working properly on a Linux system with LinuxShield installed?

      I followed the documentation already and I can't get the ePolicy Orchestrator console to list the Linux system. ePolicy 4.0 recognizes XP systems without issue. The McAfee LinuxShield web interface confirms that LinuxShield is installed and working on the Linux system as well.

      The extensions are already installed on the EPO server. The reqseckey.bin, srpubkey.bin, and SiteList.xml have been copied from the EPO server to the Linux system and during LinuxShield installation the path to those files was properly indicated.

      Thank you,

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          Did you ever get this solved?

          I'm running into the same problem.

          In my case, everything "seems" to be setup ok, but in the agent log, I get this error:

          2008-10-10 17:01:10 [32715] [naInet] [I] Reading acknowledgement from ePO Server
          2008-10-10 17:01:10 [32715] [naInet] [I] Remote systems needs authentication: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden