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    ePo and query on disabled agents

      As a admin on eP0 3.6 I'm trying to create a query on which virusscanner are disabled within my network. Alas! I don't have the funniest clue how to do this...

      What seems to happen is the following:
      Within ePo 3.6 all seems right with my security on the workstation. But after looking at several workstations it seems the on access scan has been disabled.
      When I look up the specific workstation in ePo is states that all the properties are up to date.
      Only after I choose 'retrieve full product properties' it shows the 'real' state of the virusscanner.

      Isn't there a way I can get ePo to work in my advantage?
      Running a query which shows me if a workstation has a disabled on-access scanner?

      I could do it manually, but there a lot of workstation within my network...

      Could anyone shed some light on this?