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    Hourly pull task fail

      We are using EPO in our network.
      EPO is failing to do Hourly pull task from the ftp.nai.com alternativly from couple of days...... some time sit works fine. But some time it failes alternativly..
      The error "failed to download file catalog.z from site ftp.nai.com:21, error code 4"
      any suggestion please........??
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          I get this all the time...

          I can never get the update to work in the first 6 hours or so after it updates on Mcafees servers, http is usually faster and a better bet than the ftp, but sometimes not.
          I have 2 epo 3.6 servers and one 4.0 right now, the 4.0 updates fine all the time... except that under ftp the 4.0 server connects to a macfee server which hasnt yet been updated so would be one behind.
          The 2 3.6 will take it fine about 6 hours after the actual update time of the servers but on the 2 update tasks before that they time out (see your issue)

          This is nothing to do with you and everything to do with Mcafee and their (really crap) update servers.

          I've complained in the past with no result (we pay them x hundred thousand but hey what the hell do they care)
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            Hey thanks for the inputs.... happy
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              I am having the same issue. My pull has been failing since 7/8 @ 11am :mad:
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                Hi all I have noticed this with FTP for the last couple of Days. I have two tasks with alternating schudules.

                Pull FTP and Pull Http
                Http is working.

                When you open a web page from your pc and go to ftp://ftp.nai.com/CommonUpdater/
                It sometimes does not respond or is very slow.

                A third method to get a dat package is to download it from
                http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/dat.asp?region=us&segment= enterprise

                See packages tab

                Hope this helps.

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                  Yes I had noticed that although last week http was a dog and FTP was OK this week FTP keeps timing out and HTTP is fast.
                  • 6. My pull fails too....
                    On the one hand I'm glad to see it's not me. I've got 3.6x running and my hourly pulls were failing with the exact same error. I was not able to get one to work in 2 days. Ultimately I went to the threat center manually via my web browser, downloaded the package file to my server, extracted it to a folder there and then did a "pull now" and pointed to the catalog.z file in the folder where it was extracted to. It ran without a hitch
                    but who wants to do that! :eek:

                    I'm surprised McAfee doesn't take this issue more seriously.
                    • 7. RE: My pull fails too....
                      Hi Guys,

                      Again started problem in HOurly Pull Task this time both from ftp and Http are failing completely from yesterday....
                      • 8. RE: My pull fails too....

                        I have also noticed that we have started getting HTTP Pull tasks failing for the last two days. The DATS do eventually get downloaded after about 2 or 3 failed tasks. It might be that their http servers are having issues again.
                        • 9. Failing also - frustrating
                          Yes - mine has been failing for several days and seems to be getting worse. In the recent past, I have been able to click the "run now" on my scheduled tasks (http and ftp) and eventually get one to go through successfully. Last 3 days, this isn't working either. :mad:

                          Is there a manual way of downloading and installing via ePolicy's check in process?
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