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    Why do LiveSafe logs state that foreign IP addresses are on my local network?


      I have used my new laptop with LiveSafe preinstalled for a few days now. During that short period of time there have been more than 1000 strange entries in LiveSafe logs. The entries say that IP addresses from more than 40 different IP ranges have tried to access various TCP ports on my computer. These connection attemps start happening as soon as I turn on the computer, and they continue even when the computer is idle. I don't recognize these IP addresses and according to Whois data, they are located in foreign countries. Many of them belong to various cloud service companies like Amazon AWS. However, according LiveSafe logs, these IP addresses are on my local network. This is definitely not the case or should not be. The entries read as follows:


      "The PC tried to connect to TCP port 54840 on your PC without your permission. The source IP address is on your local network." This IP belongs to AWS and is located in the United States, but I am in Europe.


      A few of these IP addresses that try to connect to TCP ports on my PC belong to McAfee (e.g.,, yet LiveSafe logs still say that they are all on my local network. Why is LiveSafe reporting that IP addresses located in foreign countries are on my local network? What exactly does LiveSafe mean when it says that "The source IP address is on your local network"? I have nothing else on my local network than the laptop and a wireless router that connects to my ISP. Has anyone else seen such entries in LiveSafe logs?