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    Slow File Transfer via SMB with McAfee Solidifier


      If I try to transfer a directory with mixed data (png, bmp, dll, exe) that contains about 2500 files, the file transfer slows down significantly after transferring about 1400 files. The files are transfered via network and Microsoft File Sharing. Once the problem arises, the file access on the solidified IPC itself is slow too. It doesn't matter if the solidifier runs in Update mode or if it's enabled. Along with the problem there are many entries in the solidcore.log:

      ERROR: shadowfops.c     19: swin_log_error: oplock break in progress

      If I use Teamviewer for the file transfer, everything is fine.


      I'm using McAfee Solidcore on an Industrial PC (IPC) that runs with Windows 7 embedded (no Windows Filters like FBWF active). The Solidifier is installed as a standalone software, it's not administrated via ePO. Solidifier runs with its standard settings. The problem arises on different hardware platforms, it can be observed with version 6.2 and 7.0. It dowsn't help to turn off the discover-updaters feature.