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    McAfee agent uses random port to communicate with server


      We're opening ports to allow communication between our EPO server and agents outside the firewall. We've configured the ePolicy server to use port 443 for secure agent-server comms. All ports going from the LAN to the WAN are OPEN. Looking at the ePolicy server documentation is appears that we only need to open port 443 from WAN->LAN for the agent<-> server communication (McAfee KnowledgeBase - Ports needed by ePolicy Orchestrator for communication through a firewall ). After opening this port the agent is still unable to connect to the ePolicy server. Running netstat shows the agent connecting to the server on a range of random ports between 45,000-65,000. Assuming this is expected behavior, is there any way to limit the port(s) that the agent uses to connect to the server? Is this why an agent handler is needed when connecting to agents outside the firewall?