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    Decommissioning McAfee IronMail


      My company has had McAfee IronMail in production for probably 8 or so years.  I recently came to this company a few months ago and we are going to decommission one of our two McAfee IronMail appliances, (one is used for employees at our corporate office, the other is used for the production website at our data center).  We want to decommission the appliance that is used for our employees, which is located at our office.  I haven't had any exposure to McAfee IronMail before coming to this company so I have a few questions:


      • I can access the Web GUI just fine, but I don't see anywhere where IronMail is actually configured to work with our email server.  Does IronMail simply listen on the incoming and outgoing email ports and filters email that way, or is there some config that I am missing that tells IronMail to work with our internal Exchange 2010 server?
      • What is the process to decommission one of our two IronMail appliances?  Is it as easy as turning off the IronMail appliance, and setting up our new email filtering system?
        • Since we have two IronMail appliances, even though they aren't clustered, are there any potential ramifications by removing the one appliance from our environment?
      • Generally, what is the impact of taking one of the IronMail appliances out of our environment other than the obvious 'email won't be filtered'?  Does it tie into anything else that I'm not thinking of?


      Sorry for the dumb questions, I'm just not familiar with this email filtering system.  Any help would be appreciated!