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    Epo 5.3.1/ super agent repository query


      Hi Experts,


      I would need advice on how to transfer super agent repositories from one epo to another. Is there a was I can achieve this ?


      And also would like to know if I can also transfer agent handlers from one epo to another by transferring ASCI keys from old to new epo and then transfer the agent handler to new epo n have it managed ?


      Your suggestions will be much appreciated.




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          For super agents, just redeploy the new agent from the new epo server and apply a super agent policy.  You could also use the transfer system feature of ePO .


          For agent handlers, I don't think what you are trying to do is possible. Transferring the asci keys would take care of the agent side of things but not necessarily the AH side of it.

          Being such a quick build, I would just remove from old and rebuild.


          I don't think there's any shortcuts here.

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