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    Firewall is blocking network discovery


      I'm currently testing and have noticed when the firewall component is enabled I can't see the other computers and servers on my network. If I disable the firewall, boom, all the other computer reappear. So the question is - where do I find the setting to disable whatever is blocking network discover?


      I'm not entirely sure I'm unhappy about it, but suspect it will impact my users when they try to connect to home printers and printers, etc. at customer sites.

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          Firewall being enabled does in fact prevent dynamic discovery of network printers. I found an article that indicated ENS does block this by default on top of RDP and network discovery but the steps outlined to change this didn't seem to point to anything relevant to systems managed by ePO.


          Opened a ticket with McAfee/Intel Security and heard back after a couple hours. Suggested switching the firewall into adaptive mode on one machine, reproduce the action that is being impacted then view the Firewall Event Monitor logs. That revealed, I guess not to surprisingly that a rule was blocking 'untrusted' NetBIOS traffic over TCP so I modified the policy rule, specifically for my subnet and domain and boom all works unimpaired as expected.