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    Use a 2-licence subscription for McAfee Antivirus Plus on a PC with McAfee LiveSafe OEM-preinstalled


      My original 2-licence subscription is for McAfee Antivirus Plus, which I used on an XP and still use on a Vista PC. Having bought a Win10 PC with McAfee LiveSafe OEM-preinstalled, I deactivated McAfee Antivirus Plus on the XP and in my subscription changed the name to the name of the new Win10 PC.


      The subscription window now shows 3 PCS


      Vista - McAfee Antivirus Plus - valid until November 22, 2016   (expiry of my normal subscription)

      New Win10 PC - McAfee LiveSafe OEM - test subscription expires October 1, 2016…with a “reinstall” link

      XP PC deactivated - but with name changed to new Win10 PC with links “reinstall” and “reactivate”


      What should I do so my subscription and protection don’t get messed up and I don't end up paying twice. Thanks for any tips.