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    Can't Reinstall




      I'm trying to reinstall.  But I can't.  When I open the exe file I am told I have to restart the computer.  I've restarted many times and I still can't install.  I've removed all old elements of McAfee, using both Control Panel uninstall and the MCPR program.  And even after that reboot after MCPR I still cannot reinstall.  Help please. 

      Thank youLarry

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          What suite exactly are you trying to install and what operating system is this, is it up to date, beta or Insider Edition or...?

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            The reasons for an installation failure can be many, such as conflicting software, no Internet connection, corrupted installation etc.


            Assuming it's the Consumer suites as that is where you posted , this TS article may help to prepare it and this one outlines the procedure including a link to the latest version of MCPR.

            Otherwise it may be better to contact Technical Support directly:  Technical Support & Customer Service

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              I just posted this on another discussion.


              Method 1:

              - enable seeing hidden files just in case

              - open your C Drive and search for "mcreboot". It would take awhile but eventually the little sucker must appear. Delete it.

              - reboot

              - run your mcafee installation again


              Note: On some occasions you wont be allowed to delete it in normal mode so you would have to boot into safe mode.


              Method 2:

              -.download SysInternals AutoRuns Tool. Autoruns for Windows Be careful though. When you unzip the contain the the "Autorunsc" is for the server version.


              - Run Autoruns.exe as administrator

              - search for mcreboot

              - un-check it so it wount auto start

              - reboot

              - run mcafee installation again.



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                Source - https://fixingblog.com/install-mcafee-antivirus-protection/

                Step 1

                Remove the program from Windows. To do this, go to your Control Panel (from the Start menu) and select "Add or Remove Programs." Select the McAfee software you wish to reinstall and click "Remove" or "Uninstall."

                Step 2

                Run the McAfee Removal tool. You can download the file, titled MCPR.exe, from McAfee Support.

                Step 3

                Install your McAfee product from scratch. If you purchased it yourself, use the CD or re-download the software for free (link in Resources). If your Internet service provider or computer manufacturer provided the software, contact them for the installation file. The McAfee Support site provides links to contact the major companies.

                Step 4 - Restart your computer.


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                  Run Autoruns.exe as administrator

                  - search for mcreboot

                  - un-check it so it wount auto start

                  - reboot

                  - run mcafee installation again.

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                    This is an outdated thread.Marking it as 'Assumed Answered'  and locking it.

                    Also it makes me wonder why a *Employee* from Intel/McAfee would need to ask such a question?




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