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    Mcafee facebook page kick me off



      I write this complaint because I sent a message to mcafee page on facebook about feedback , and I notice after 2 days i am not on the page and i can't like the page just because I sent feedback to the page, why this happen ??

      I am mcafee customer, how the admin of the page made this ????

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          As I do not partake in Facebook, quite possibly one of my Colleagues can add to the discussion.


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            You have not been kicked off, banned, barred or blacklisted on the Intel Security Facebook page.


            Selvan replied publicly to your complaint about being barred 4 days ago, asking you to post or re-post your question in the public area.


            Since you were able to post in this Forum it is obvious that you're not blocked.

            ... Kindly post your question here for me to answer.


            You haven't replied there, and we can't really help you with anything to do with the Facebook page.

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