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    Migrating from Symantec 10.x to McAfee 3.6.1

      Hi everyone,

      The situiation is this one: I have to integrate one medium (in amount of computers, big in geographical area) to the corporative WAN, I know how to deploy the ePO agent and deploy the solutions we need, the problem comes up before the deploy, first I need to uninstall the symantec antivirus those computers already have.
      This LAN with symantec has no solution to uninstall it, so I need to use ePO, I know I can uninstall Norton and I guess symantec using ePO 4, but I am not sure about ePO3.6.1.
      Any ideas? I have been looking around in the group task for uninstall tasks but I havent find any task to uninstall symantec, maybe I am looking in the wrong place.

      Any suggestion is going to be wellcome!!