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    McAfee Anti Spyware Module reporting in EPO4

      Hi. Does anyone know where a EPO4 version of the 3.6 MASreports.nap can be acquired? We are in the process of migrating from EPO 3.6 to 4 and require to report Anti Spyware detections to our Compliance department.

      Thanks in advance

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          Sure DV27,

          You need to go to the path \Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Extensions-After, and you will find the extensions for MASE, you need to add them and ready, you have the queries for the MASE.

          I hope that help you.

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            Thank you choscar, you have saved us a lot of trouble! :)


            • 3. EPO 4 Queries
              Hi I have had the same problem I only have the preconfigured HIPS queries, but I cannot find the NAP files anywhere as you have suggested. We have Spyware and Viruscan 8.5. Any additional info for a relatively new user of EPO4?

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                As long as you have checked in your MAS and VirusScan software into EPO4 correctly, go into Extensions and load the VSEMAS85000.zip file (located in the directory that choscar specified). That gives you the ability to report Spyware detections using the existing reporting tools.
                • 5. Query issue
                  I still have the issue as when i try and follow the instructions above i get the error message below -

                  Cannot upgrade extension VSEMAS850000 to version because version is already installed.

                  I have tried rechecking in the package but same issue. Any other ideas?
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                    zoics99 This should do it:

                    stop all the epo services
                    delete this folder \Program Files\Network Associates\ePO\Server\extensions\installed\VSEMAS850000
                    start epo services
                    recheckin extension from \Program Files\Network Associates\ePO\Extensions-After
                    • 7. Missing Queries down to user
                      Thanks all. The real cause of the lack of queries was that the packages had been checked in under different users. This means they appear under the indivuidual users log-ins.

                      This has been resolved by making the queries public (or a dashbooard that uses the query), so all can see.

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                        if you want to check in VSE8.7 U can open the zip file(VSE8.7) , in the folder , there is an VIRUSCAN8700.zip. you can check in .

                        i think all the software are same .