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    Multiple PC's


      Help!  I have multiple PC's.  I need to remove/update PC's.  How/where do I find which PC belongs to which license.  I don't want to deactivate the wrong PC.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

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          What McAfee software are we talking about here, can you name it please?  You mention multiple machines so I assume this is a  business?

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            Sorry, new to this.  McAfee Total protection.  No business, just a house full of teenagers.

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              LOL, my sympathies....!   I moved this to Consumer > General Discussion as a better spot.

              OK it doesn't quite work that way.  Everything as far as "licensing" goes is controlled from your online account.

              If you need help, Customer Service is available free of charge, as is Technical Support.

              The first deals with all account matters including your question, the second deals with problems using the software.

              Technical Support/Customer Service

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                Great, thank you!  In my profile it has "icons" lined up that say PC.  Doesn't help much when I need to replace one and can't distinguish one from the next........I appreciate your help very much!!

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                  It doesn't really matter as much as the total number used.....always uninstall the software from an old machine when you want to change computers.

                  Customer Service can iron out any discrepancies in the numbers used.

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                    If it just says PC try renaming the PCs mine shows the actual name I choose ie  Study/Livingroom etc

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                      So I deactivated all of my PC's.  Replaced an older laptop with a newer one, so I did that one first.  It installed and seems to be working ok.  I then named it as so this would not happen again.  Moved on to the second laptop (same brand, Toshiba)  Installed and everything is green and seems to be working ok.  I went to the page to rename this device and I got a message stating that license is expired (which it is not).  The only device showing is the first laptop.  Very frustrated at this point & ready to toss laptops (not really, but that frustrated).  Am walking away for today and will try reinstall on other PC's tomorrow when I am of sound mind. 


                      Thank you for your help.....very much appreciated......

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                        It helps to give the machine a name in system properties on the actual machine too.

                        The account will see that.

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                          I really believe you should contact Technical Support as suggested by Peter several replies ago. Just follow the link he posted



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