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    edit hourly "dat - info" messages


      first of all: i'm german, so excuse my probably bad english.

      My colleague and I installed yesterday the Protection Pilot v. 1.5 (This is the first time I work with any Product of McAfee). Since that we get every full hour a systemmail.

      It's a mail about the Updatestatus of the DAT - the subject is Taskresult (in german "Taskergebnisse").

      The body of the mail looks like this:

      Startzeit: 03 Jul 2008 08:00:02
      Endzeit: 03 Jul 2008 08:00:02

      and now i can't find the tab where i can configure this mail.

      may someone please help me.


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          Welcome to the forum!

          Don't bother about your English, if things are unclear we will ask for explanation!

          If you have planned to implement Protection Pilot, I will suggest that you will start implementing ePO instead. Protection pilot will reach end of support in June 2009. This means that over 1 year it won't be supported anymore.

          I think it is a waste of time to investigate implementation of PP.

          I'm not really familiar with the PP console, but you should take a lolok at alert or notifications settings. A task is running that is checking for updates from McAfee each our. The message is a summary of that.