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    ePO and the Evaluation Branch

      Currently running:
      5000 XP/2003 Server Clients all running VirusScan 8.0i Patch 14

      I am having issues with some machines suddenly having a DAT version of "N/A", and hence are basically unprotected. The only "fix" McAfee could give me is installing the SuperDAT. I cannot have EVERY machine pull the superDAT files from the repositories as it would be killing the bandwidth in some offices. Plus, it's only happening to a small percentage of clients so no reason to distribute to every client anyway (as it would be overkill).

      Instead of going to every machine, I created a site in ePO and have set all the agents pull the SuperDAT from the Evaluation Branch where I created a Repository Pull Task to place the SuperDAT.

      Now I want to put Patch 16 in the Evaluation Branch to test - how can I place this patch there and not have these clients that are set to grab the SuperDAT from the Evaluation Branch also pull Patch16? Also will the Patch co-exist with the SuperDat files or will it replace it?

      Here is a screen shot of a machine reporting a DAT version of N/A - anyone else dealing with this issue?