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    TIE module for VSE reporting dashboard not showing blocked events




      We have a very strange issue with our TIE module for VSE reporting dashboard. We are in a process to test TIE server with VSE in our environment and successfully deployed TIE/DXL with all the latest hotfixes/patches.

      Set an Enforce policy to some of our workstations to test it out and we had a couple of blocked events generated by Adobe dlls (no rep for Adobe?). We even had to set an exclusion in the VSE policy to avoid the constant spam of the TIEM.

      What we have observed now is, after the blocked events are generated on the machine, they are not automatically popping up in the TIE for VSE module reporting dashboard.

      We have two machines which are reporting correctly, but the other 4 are not showing for more than a week. In Observe Mode there are events detected, but for those four machines still nothing for quite some time.


      My questions are:

      How is the event transmission initiated from the endpoint - through DXL infrastructure, or using the MA ASCI interval to send events? (all machines are reporting in ePO and DXL status is Connected)

      How can we check why these events are missing from the dashboard and perform some troubleshooting? (orion.log?)


      I know that TIE is still a new product and some quirks are expected, but this issue with the reporting will cause quite a huge impact for the customer and your help will be appreciated.