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    Problem: ProtectionPilot 1.5.0 and Groupshield 7.0 with hotfix 1

      Dear People,

      I hava got a problem with protection pilot 1.5 and with groupshield 7.0.

      The problem is:
      I have installed Groupshield via PP. That was successfully and I didn't get any warnings or problems. After the install you have to see de groupshield at the summery of the server, but unfortunately I don't see that in Compliance. The updates for groupshield 7 doesn't also work via Protection Pilot, but only via the Internet. That's because protection pilot doesn't see Groupshield on the server! The Viruscanner and ePO agent are listed at the summery/Compliance!

      Could someone help me with this problem? What it is, etc?

      I work with Windows 2003 standard SP2
      Protection Pilot 1.5
      Groupshield 7.0 with hotfix 1
      MS exchange 2003 SP2

      Thanks in advance.

      Greetings, Albert.