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    McAfee features won't install




      My laptop stopped opening the McAfee security centre on my laptop, so i uninstalled and reinstalled the app. (We have the BTNetprotect+ version of it)


      The attached file is the error message that came up when trying to previously open the security centre.


      Having reinstalled McAfee, it opens fine but when it had downloaded it told me the download was incomplete and that I could reinstall the extra security features whenever I wanted. I reopened McAfee security centre and it says my third party firewall is turned off, and when i say fix this it takes me to my control panel where i can click on the McAfee firewall but I can't turn it on. I also can't download any of the 'extra' (quite important) features such as web protection and anti-virus/spyware.


      Some help would be greatly appreciated!

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