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      Arjen, ik heb even een vraag over mcafee en t lijkt alsof jij er wel iets vanaf weet.
      Ik heb het idee dat mc afee elke dag een scanreport opslaat van ongeveen 20-30 mb. ik heb nu ongeveer 150 van deze files en dat komt neer op ongeveer 3 gb. Nou weet ik alleen niet zeker of het inderdaad scanreports zijn. Het zijn zipfiles die als ik ze open onleesbaar zijn. Kan ik deze zomaar verwijderen? De exacte locatie van de bestanden is deze C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Network Associates\Common Framework\Current\VSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000 en ze heten allemaal DAT - met erachter een nummer. ZIjn dit inderdaad mcafee bestanden of is het heel wat anders?
      Alvast bedankt.

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          Dear Pim,

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          Please post all questions in English, as this is an international forum where everyone might benefit from your question. Also most moderators are not Dutch so they won't even understand what you are asking.

          Please also specify as much information as possible to your post. This should include version and patchnumbers of all relevant software.
          This can help everyone to ask very specific additional questions and even speed up solving this if possible.
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            Arjen, I've got a question about mcafee and it seems that you know something about this programme. It seems that Mcafee saves a scanreport every day of about 20-30 mb. Ive got about 150 of these files now which adds up to about 3gb. The only problem is that im not sure whether these are really scanreports or not. They are zipfiles that are unreadable when I open them. Can I simply remove them? The exact location of these files is: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Network Associates\Common Framework\Current\VSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000 and they are all named DAT - with a certain number. Are these really Mcafee files or are they something completely different?


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              This is not a scan report. this is the updated DAT zip file in its full zip format (this is whats is run if a PC is more than 5 daily DATS out of date to bring a PC up to the latest DAT)
              If these are stacking up on a PC or server you can delete all but the latest safely, this would indicate though that VSE is not working correctly as it should be deleting the old ones when it installs the latest.
              Can you provide the VSE version 7.x/8.0/8.5 and CMA/EPO?mcafee agent version of the pc or server concerned?
              you just find it easier to just remove VSE from this machine and readd it, as this usually clears this issue.
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                WHats VSE?
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                  VSE = Virusscan Enterprise, the desktop scanner
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                    is that part of MCafee? where can i find it?
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                      The mcafee antivirus software is called Virusscan Enterprise usually shortened to VSE.
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                        well I have the virusscan on-access scan.