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    Gmail issue after uninstalling Gmail


      I set up a Gmail account in July.  Two days later I uninstalled that Gmail through Add/Remove Programs.  But it did not uninstall from my connected accounts.  After checking with Outlook through Microsoft, I was told it is a Google problem.   I got ahold of Google and was immediately told it was probably a virus and they wanted to get into my computer.  When I said no, I only allow McAfee in, they tried to get me to drop McAfee and use them and I said no

      , so they hung up on me.  This Gmail icon that is in my Outlook connected accounts is just sitting there.  If I click on it, there is no option to remove it.  It only gives an option to log in.  I uninstalled and cancelled my Gmail account so there is no account to log into to.   The reason I uninstalled the Gmail account was because it affected my Outlook Mail App, not allowing me to sync my folders.  All was working fine with the Mail App until I opened a Gmail account.  I still can't sync my Mail App, so I am assuming that Gmail connected account is still causing that issue.  I don't believe I have a virus as Google says.   Nothing show in my scans, and my computer works fine except for the Mail App Sync issue.   Does anyone have an idea how to remove that connected Gmail account?