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    ePO 5.3 and VirusScan 8.8 patch 8


      Dear All,

      I have a problem with latest patch 8 released my MacAfee for VirusScan 8.8. I'm trying to deploy the patch thru Client Task Product Update, however nothing happens on my client side. I check-in the patch and extensions to my Current site and I can see the patch under my Master Repository. The strage thing is that the patch appears as install under my Master Repository not as a patch, check the screen shot, compared to patch 7 which is listed as patch.



      Any idea why it is not delaying the patch?


      Thank you


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          I can see from your screen shots that you have only added the full VirusScan 8.8i package that includes patch 8. The full package can only be deployed via a deployment task. You have not added the individual Patch 8 package that gets deployed via the update task. that is the reason why it is not downloading. There are two packages. The one called VSE880LMLRP8.zip is the full VSE package. The package that you want to add to your repository is the one called VSE880P8.zip as it contains just the Patch 8 and is used to update existing VSE installations.



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            Dear Twenden,

            Thank you for your support, this fixed my problem.


            All the best


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              Hello Twenden,


              thank you too, but somehow we can't check in the "Patch 8", we can only check in the full package...

              Is there a solution for this behaviour?




              Kind regards