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    VirusScan 7.1 Migration


      We're planning a migration with ePO 4.0.0
      Most of our workstations are running VS7.1 (using manual installation - no ePO)
      On these workstation, I can see the frameworkservice.exe running (McAfee Agent)
      Version is 3.1.2

      In our planning migration, we plan to create a group and configure an AD sync (with no automatic client installation) on this group. We plan to configure an Agent strategy on this group. All workstations will be in this group/

      Because we want to migrate step by step (20/30 workstations max) can you confirm me that the strategy won't apply to the workstation which don't have been updated with the new agent but only those on which we deploy the new agent (4.0.0)

      I don't want my 2500+ workstation be configured one shot :D

      Thank you for your feedback.