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    Apple Macbook Air Started Running slow 24/8/16


      Hi Just thought I would let other people know the symptom I had and the solution I found.


      Impacts users of McAfee livesafe


      1) Small downloads such as pdf (300Kb) from either Chrome or Firefox suddenly started taking alot longer to download. instead of say 5 secs upto 2 minutes.

      2) Saving of documents incredibly slow, appearance of wait cursor for say up to 2 minutes, chrome or firefox, even activity monitor would freeze  constantly, with application "not responding". Then suddenly, as if by magic, everything would catch up and be ok.

      3) Productivity severely impacted to the extent where I had to use a windows machine it was that bad!

      3.5) looked at disc writes in the activity monitor and would get HUGE spikes of activity instead of a constant dribble

      4) started upgrading all software, extensions to latest version. no impact

      5) Disk utility - no errors (ssd)

      6) Flashed the NVRAM - no change

      7) Boot up in safe mode - no symptoms appeared ! (a-ha)

      8) Decided third party extensions were to blame

      9) Reviewed software installations in system report and noted that "sainst" and "dynamicbranding" were updated the same time as I started to experience errors

      10) Googled and found them to be part of Mcafee livesafe.

      11) Uninstalled (including removing application support repositories) application and reinstalled from scratch.

      12) symptoms now resolved. back to using mac normally

      12.5) looks like when Mcafee checks for virus on write it got hung up. One for the bug catchers at Mcafee. (the irony - at least it wasn't a virus)


      8 hours of googling and faffing I could have done without on a bank holiday tbh.


      Hope this post saves someone some time!