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    Standalone DETech


      I'm trying to decrypt my drive and I have successfully:


      • booted into the DEtech workspace
      • authenticated the key via file on USB drive
      • Authorized with the daily code


      When I go to actions ->Remove DE-> Remove nothing happens.  A window opens that states log at the top and a progression bar but nothing happens.  Can anyone guide me in the right direction.  Am I missing something or not doing something correct?

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          The Remove EE window that opens and displays Log at the top should have a remove option and a cancel option at the bottom. the remove option starts the removal process   (not all versions of WinPE allow use of Remove EE)

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            This is correct, when I press the Remove button nothing happens.  I was wondering if I missed a step in order to remove the encryption from the workstation.


            Thanks for the reply

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              The remove DE option works off of the crypt list that is tracked in the 'disk information' window.  If you select disk information - what is displayed for the section 'crypt list'?


              If nothing is there - select 'set boot disk'.  Is the CD able to see the drive?

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                Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response.  I don't recall what actually was listed in the crypt list window, no matter what I tried it would work.  I was able to get the system unencrypted by connecting it back to ePO and creating a policy to remove encryption.  I still will be testing the standalone encryption process because in the future I will not be able to connect the system back to an ePO server once the system has been placed into production.  So I'm starting from scratch and will see how things goes.  Thanks all for your help on this issue