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    HIPS Patch 7 to Patch 8 upgrade




      Is there a way to upgrade HIPS without reinstalling it from scratch ? What is the best approach ? (same thing about VSE P7 to P8)



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          Hi Stephane,


          You will need to download the latest extension for HIPS 8 Patch 8 and check it into your ePO.

          Then download the HIPS Patch package for Patch 8 (shown below):



          Below are the safe steps to deploy new Patches of products:


          1. You should check this package into the Evaluation branch to ensure it does not get automatically rolled out to all endpoints.


          2. Duplicate you McAfee Agent > General policy and call this 'Update HIPS'.

              On the updates tab of this new policy configure all HIPS (under Patches & Service Packs) to pull from the Evaluation branch.


          3. Create a Tag 'HIPS Patch 8'.

              Create a policy assignment rule which applies the 'Update HIPS' policy (McAfee Agent > General) to the 'HIPS Patch 8' Tag.


          4. Create a Client Task - McAfee Agent > Product Updates task and check the HIPS checkbox (Under Products and Packages).

              Assign this at My Organisation level in the system tree on systems that only have the 'HIPS Patch 8' tag as a run immediately or scheduled task.


          Tag systems in your system tree and send a wake-up call to invoke the Policy to pull from the Eval branch and the Client task to apply the patch to the product on the endpoint. Use these as your test systems that you have deployed the product to.


          It is important to deploy HIPS Patch 8 prior to VSE 8.8 Patch due to the known issue found in this KB article:

          McAfee KnowledgeBase - Installation of any product that includes SysCore 15.5 breaks the trust in Host Intrusion Prevent…


          Repeat the above steps for VSE 8.8 Patch 8 and ensure that you have a second McAfee Agent > General Policy that pulls both HIPS and VSE from the Eval branch.


          Once you are happy with you testing, move the HIPS and VSe packages from the Evaluation to the Current branches, reset the inheritance on your McAfee Agent > General policy, and have a scheduled task to roll update the products across your environment.


          Kind regards,



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            Thank you very much George. It works like a charme :-)

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              Hi George,


              I am planning on this patch 8 upgrade but couldn't find this patch anywhere. is it still available?