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    ePO 4.0 Client Tasks - Can't delete

      I've just upgraded to ePO 4.0 (with patch 2) in our test environment. My system tree is very simple. At the top, "My Organization", and one branch underneath with a handful of computers. I have created a deployment task at the My Organization level. Problem is...when I click on My Organization and select Client Tasks, I either get a simple "null" message (even after clicking on the refresh button in the upper right) or "An unknown error has occurred" and after I click "ok" in the bottom right, I'm taken back to the main page. I would like to delete a task I created at the My Organization level. I can see the task listed when I click on the branch underneath the "My Organization" level, but my only option is to edit the task, the delete option is greyed out. Anyone else see this problem? I'm running this on Windows 2003 SP2 (as a virtual machine)