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    TIE Reputation


      Hello, I am integrating TIE server with ePO, in that TIE reputation many files with reputation. so my question is how I will delete the file with reputation from TIE reputation tab???

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            You don't need to delete anything from the database. What you should do is assign an enterprise reputation to files that have a status lower than unknown in the GTI column, as these will be blocked on endpoints. You can use the filter under Custom: to make your life easier.

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              this functionality is not available in TIE. I also wonder, why this is not possible.


              Actually with TIE 1.3 a DB cleanup task runs in several intervals. But, there are only old entries removed, if the TIE database reaches a given value configured in the tie.properties config file. You can change this value in the comnand line.


              The second thing, but i'm not shure at the moment, TIE will remove old values if no client executes the PE over a long time. But as i said, i'm not shure and you should clearify this info.


              Hope this helps,


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                eM Ka



                It's possible, please look at the KB87077:


                There are specific entries in the tie.properties file (besides the default values) that define how and when the cleanup task runs and allow customization:

                • data.management.database.size.sensor.cron.trigger = 0 0 0 * * ?
                • data.management.selection.rules = [{"subject":"file","lastUsed":90}]
                • data.management.database.size.threshold = 20GB

                These properties have to be modified on the TIE Server Master appliance if you want to change the default values. To make the changes take effect, restart the TIE Server using the following command: service tieserver restart (...)


                Generally the DB is clean every day at midnight (data older then 90days)




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                  Hi proxima,

                  you are right, you can cleanup the TIE database based on the settings in the tie.properties configuration file.

                  But this was not the question. :-)

                  You cannot remove single TIE entries directly in EPO under TIE reputations.


                  kamlakarkadam, anything clear for you?



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                    eM Ka

                    HI Troja,


                    Yes, you're right, you cannot remove single TIE entries directly in EPO under TIE reputations..... So we 're looking a workaround for that purposes... :-)




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                      We NEED that too urgent. We have around 20'000 FALSE rated Framework Assembly Files we need to REMOVE? I already did look at the KB on how to expand the Partition if the POSTGRE ever goes too big. Better way to keep it clean.


                      @Mcafee please? I think even a MCAFEE IDEA was related to this.