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    Unexpected and unprovoced lock of Galaxy S5 (Plus)


      For three times during the last couple of weeks my wife's Galaxy S5 was locked and screaming like hell. Like it should when we want it too, but on all events completely unprovoced. At least one time the phone also requested to insert a SIM Card, which was inside for over a year and functioning as it should. Just to make sure we replaced the (cut) SIM Card with on in the correct size. After that it happened again, last night while I was with my wife and could see what happened. The phone was locked and making lots of noise and requested to enter the PIN I configured. It was pretty warm, but not too hot to handle. After unlocking the screen didn't turn on - not by pressing the power button and not by pressing the home button. The buttons themselved were lit, however. The only action I could perform was keep the power button pressed and select a restart. After restarting there was no sign of a problem. The SIM card worked fine and the phone responded OK too. Looking in the Livesafe portal I can only see I unlocked the phone but not the locking that occured. As you may understand my wife is getting pretty upset of a phone that starts shouting in public for no reason at all. Does anybody have a suggestion how to solve this? Don't know if it is relevant but on all three occasions my wife was away from home and travelling. Yesterday the locking seemed to coincide with a Google Calendar reminder at almost the same moment. I already cleared the cache partition but don't like to do a factory reset since that will take me some time to reïnstall all of the apps and the account data on the phone.


      Hope anyone can help.


      Kind regards,


      Arjen van der Meer

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