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    Remote Access


      I make this post with no reservations & a great deal of disbelief.

      Wile on a tech support problem with my "True Key"  using a remote control

      access with an off shore "tech" agent they attempted to access my banking information in the "True Key" app before I could cut them off.

      This blatant disregard for my trust & security will end my new customer relationship with McAfee.


      This post will undoubtedly be removed shortly by the McAfee staff.


      I make no claim as to there intentions for doing this.

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          I can assure you that McAfee has no intention,or need to access your personal information. Are you for certain this was not a 'Fake Technical Support' Company. Their are many out there claiming to be. Could you kindly provide the Number in which you called?


          Https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/contact   McAfee provides safe reliable (Free) support on it's products which have a 'Active Subscription'.


          In addition, Please read the following,

          https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/consumer_support_feedback/blog/2014/ 06/05/dont-fall-prey-to-non-mcafee-support-offers




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              Uninstall any remote access application that person installed and try our support again as Catdaddy has linked.  They would never access personal information such as that.

              I've used them many times myself.



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                Are you trying to tell me  that I did NOT see the web site (tech) clicked on & the sign-in info & start to load my banking info. Are you telling me I did not see this. As for your theory of not hooked to McAfee. First, I did NOT dial a number I was on your True Key site & clicked chat with. Also here is the " Service Request #: 2069390481".


                So YES it did happen, thank you


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                  Do you REALLY know who you are talking to when your talking to "offshore" or for that matter in the US. But I think that is McAfee's business isn't it. It can happen by mistake or intentionally .

                  I am here to tell you what happened NOT to discredit YOUR company.

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                    Might be best to have the McAfee tech chime into this thread to sort out what is going on. Thanks for posting the service request number as that will save him from asking you for it.


                    Tom K3TG

                    McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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                      Sorry for my delay in responding, I am only attempting to assist you in regards to your issue. I will ask a Technician to kindly observe your Service Request #, and hopefully he can add to the discussion.


                      selvan  Could you kindly assist us in this matter?  Service Request #: 2069390481

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                        "They would never access personal information such as that.

                        I've used them many times myself "


                        I would ask you just one question; do you speak with the same tech each time you use them ?

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                          Hello Ed ( bigcat1 )


                          I reviewed the Remote Session (under SR 2069390481) that happened today morning and identified that the agent was opening the website to confirm if it Auto-login works as designed (obviously as part of the troubleshooting). Further the agent did not intentionally open the banking site instead clicked on Amazon's (1st attempt) that triggered a broken URL and hence chose a random website (2nd attempt) which turned out to be a Banking site (unfortunately).


                          I would like to confirm here that the site was closed immediately by you and the remote session was terminated within seconds. Hope this helps




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