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    Can you speed up the replication task (Epo 3.6.0)

      In EPO 3.6.0, you can specify replication tasks, which incrementally replicate repositories to distributed repositories.
      Now I have noticed that with some slow WAN connections, performance is very slow.
      What I also noticed is that even though it takes a very long time to replicate everything, the network bandwidth that is being used (% Network usage) on the EPO server is very low (max. 2%, most of the times below 1% though).

      Now I was wondering :

      * Is there a way to force EPO to use more bandwidth, so that it finishes more quickly ?
      * Is there a way to specify the number of repositories it is replicating to simultaneously ?

      Also, does anyone know how this mechanism actually works ?
      I mean, it looks like it takes 6 or 7 repositories at the same time, and as soon as one of them finishes, it replaces that one with a fresh one to replicate, until all repositories have been completed.
      But suppose you have 5 "quick" sites, and 1 slow site among those 6 that are currently replicating.
      Is this one slow site causing the rest of the replication to slow down or not ?