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    Cannot Access my Passwords - HELP!


      I've used True Key for quite some time and this isn't my first issue, but it is a definite deal breaker. I frequently must restart the application on my PC because "Something went wrong" when attempting to log in, but it typically comes right back. Today I can't get in at all - and tech support is a NIGHTMARE!


      26 AUG 2016:

           (~1800 est) Updated iPhone app to version 3.1.6 from iOS App Store on iPhone.

           (~1800 est)Tested facial recognition and touchID - works fine



      27 AUG 2016:

           (0937 est) Cannot log into app. I am only prompted for my password, and not the touch ID or face. Attempting to login receives, "The network connection was lost."

                Tried wifi with vpn, wifi without vpn, cell with vpn and cell without vpn - no joy.
                Tried PC app. "Something went wrong."

           (0943 est) Submitted ticket #nope via email from the TrueKey "help" link to their website.

           (0945 est) Called tech support and was told I must use the email support - I'm fortunate my email hasn't logged me out yet. If they reply via email I may not be able to view the emails. What a catch22!


      I am open to suggestions - but at this point I fully intend to migrate to a different product. I cannot be locked out of my bank, email, work, and social media accounts for any reason - nevermind the promise (LIE!) of tech support. This really is amazing from 2 companies of this size, I'd have thought they would have much better support available to customers for such a sensitive product.